how to make schezwan chutney | recipe of schezwan sauce | how to make szechuan sauce

Schezwan sauce is made of red chilies , garlic and peppers. It is used as a dip with most of the snacks and very well complimented with nachos.  The sauce is spicy and pungent and the amount of sauce can be varied while making any dish. It is also known as an Indian Chinese cuisine sauce.
Apart from using it as a dip , it can also be used in making schezwan chilly potato, schezwan rice, spring dosa, etc. So this sauce compliments well with any Indo chinese recipe.

We can store the schezwan chutney in an air tight jar and can scoop out its part with a dry spoon, to make it last longer.
We can use a variety of dried red chillies dependending on how much spice we can tolerate. Also, I have added celery and coriander as it an excellent source to reduce cholesterol.

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recipe of schezwan sauce 

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